Monday, October 5, 2009

New Terrain

Thanks to my lovely and very eco-aware cousin, I have learned about a wonderful new home and garden store in the Philly area, part of the Urban Outfitters family, Terrain at Styers. Terrain is sort of the chic de chic of home gardening boutiques, combining one's love of nature and plants with all the tschotchkes we decorating fiends adore. This fabulous garden store is a cornucopia of gorgeous plant materials and home goods - and although I couldn't find much information about whether their store itself was built with the environment in mind, I did notice on their website they offer a slew of eco-friendly products, like Farmaesthetics beauty products (a personal favorite of mine actually - I love their products - my skin looks excellent because of them, and they're all natural with not a paraben in site), books like Recycled Home, and that much of the materials they used in the store were from existing 'garden center-ish' Urban Outfitters inventory, or were restored from the original building. Although this may be more of a place for those who love garden stores more than gardening, the importance of creating this type of atmosphere that inspires people to a return to nature and the wonderful bounty of products that are derived from it naturally, is essential. And when you see all the images below, I'm sure the store will inspire you to bring some plant life into your home and world...and definitely visit their website - I couldn't use the images from it (so sad!). It's really a beautiful assortment of images of plant material and decor and just pure inspiriation.

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