Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take off your Shoes

And feel the warmth coming up through that radiant heat flooring. It's not only one of the coolest ways to get warm (no pun intended), but it's also really energy efficient because unlike traditional heating systems, you don't lose the heat. With traditional baseboard heating or forced hot air heating, a lot of the energy you use to heat your home is because much of the heat produced is immediately lost. But with radiant floors, that warmth is transferred directly to you as you come in contact with the floor. And it takes advantage of something we all know - hot air rises, so when the heat is generated underneath the floor, it does what it's supposed to, which is go directly above. Aside from the fact that it keeps your indoor temperature up, and your heating bills down, it's just plain fantastic. Although there are several types of radiant heat, the one that is the most cost effective and efficient in cold weather climates is Hydronic Radiant Heating. This uses liquid heated by your boiler running through tubing laid out in a pattern (usually a system of loops) underneath your floor boards. So not only do you get a constant and even heat throughout, but you can pretty much have any floor you want - wood, bamboo, concrete, tile, laminated floors - even carpet (though a thin carpet is recommended).
For a little more info, check out this US Government website.

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